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Convention Place Station bus stops relocate July 21!

As of July 21, Convention Place Station bus stops relocate to 9th Ave, between Olive Way and Pine St (see green circles on map below), making way for continued Washington State Convention Center expansion. The 7 impacted bus routes serving the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel are: Metro routes 41, 74, 101, 102, 150, 255  Sound… [ Keep reading ]

The good guys: Concrete Evidence.

Boots on the ground. Recently, we told you about our steel-toed warriors, the hard-working Maintenance Operations concrete crew. Granted, the story had no cliffhangers…like Stallone in the ’93 action thriller heist… …but the story does have a surprise ending! These guys love the feeling of leaving things better than they found them; essentially,… [ Keep reading ]

The Steel-toed Warriors and their concrete dedication.

Evidence of concrete dedication. ?? WE LOVE OUR MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS CONCRETE TEAM! They are on the front lines every day, making our city better for everyone. Our four 11-person crews maintain our citywide infrastructure and their accessibility work is evident across Seattle. In the last couple of weeks, three of our… [ Keep reading ]

BIKE SHARE | Survey’s Juicy Details!

Worldwide, bike share systems have given people an easy and convenient way to hop on a bike. In growing cities like Seattle, this helps add transportation options for people to beat congestion in a space-efficient and carbon-free way. Also, it gives added motivation to get outside and exercise! Seattle was… [ Keep reading ]

The new Seattle Accessible Route Planner

It’s been a year since we launched the Seattle Accessible Route Planner, an online tool that helps travelers, particularly those of us living with disabilities, to navigate the city’s sidewalks, curb ramps, and street crossings. We’ve updated a few thing: added functions, improved its look and feel, and hopefully, made it… [ Keep reading ]

Transportation is the Key?️

For decades, Seattle Center and KeyArena have been hosting major events and millions of visitors per year in our region. That’s why the prospect of continuing the tradition with a revitalized KeyArena is so exciting. There’s a big advantage to opening a remodeled KeyArena at Seattle Center: superior transportation options…. [ Keep reading ]

Connecting Magnolia Bike Commuters to the City Bike Network

Magnolia will soon be better connected to the citywide bike network with a new protected bike lane (PBL) along Gilman Avenue W, but not without a few bumps (pun intended) along the way. We’ve heard you Magnolia, and we recognize your concerns about the project. Some residents feel the community input process wasn’t thorough. We take… [ Keep reading ]

Why We Need the Pedestrian Push Button

We’ve been working with pedestrian advocates on a better understanding of the complexities of traffic signal timing in the city, ever since a local campaign called #GivePedsTheGreen started last spring. The campaign proposes removing pedestrian push buttons in all urban villages. Here’s why that’s not a good idea. Americans with… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Sidewalk Survey Update

SDOT started planning the first ever comprehensive survey of Seattle’s sidewalks in December 2016 – and we are almost done! As of August 24, 2017, we’ve inspected 95% of the city’s sidewalks! This sidewalk assessment project is just one piece of the puzzle in implementing the City of Seattle Pedestrian Master… [ Keep reading ]

Innovative Street Design and Accessibility

SDOT, other transportation agencies, and accessibility professionals recently got together to learn about and discuss the needs of people living with vision disabilities at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Innovative Street Design and Accessibility Workshop. It was a learning opportunity that included a forum discussion on how street and bike lane design can… [ Keep reading ]