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A Countdown to Cross By

So by now you are probably pretty familiar with some of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies we use throughout the city to help with traffic. You’ve seen the dynamic message signs we use to alert travelers of roadway conditions, the traffic cameras we use to look out for incidents,… [ Keep reading ]

Pedestrians and Daylight Savings Time

When daylight savings time ends, it takes a few weeks for us to adjust to darker conditions earlier in the evening. After enjoying long hours of daylight in the spring and summer, we are suddenly faced with darkness before 5 p.m. And “falling back” has been shown to have serious… [ Keep reading ]

Be Safe When You Use Your Feet to Trick or Treat

Halloween is a fantastic occasion to walk about our city and meet our neighbors. While we embrace the Halloween spirit by adorning our favorite ghoulish attire, it’s important to remember that the chance of a child being hit by a car on Halloween is nearly double that of any other… [ Keep reading ]

Safe Routes to School Mini-Grants

Studies have shown that there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of children that walk or bike to school on a regular basis. Back in the1960s, more than 40 percent of children used their own two feet (in one way or another) to get to school and reaped… [ Keep reading ]

Westlake Square “Triangle” Gets Friendlier

Westlake Square, the triangular section of property bordered by Stewart Street, Sixth Avenue and Westlake Avenue, will soon be a more user-friendly public space! As part of the Westlake Hub Transportation Strategy SDOT, in cooperation with Parks, will spend November removing the walking barriers and non-functional items and replacing them… [ Keep reading ]

Walk this Way

Walking is the oldest and most efficient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation—it’s how transit riders eventually reach their destinations, how drivers get from the parking lot to the front door, and how cyclists get from the bike rack to the business.   Nearly everyone, for at least some portion of… [ Keep reading ]

Ramping Up

  Curb ramps, also known as wheelchair ramps, are critical to providing access between the sidewalk and the street, but they’re not just intended to help people in wheelchairs.  Everyone benefits when curb ramps are installed whether you are pushing a stroller, riding a bike, or simply walking around your… [ Keep reading ]

Quality in the Details

The SDOT paving program has been rolling full speed ahead all season, with plenty of concrete, asphalt and paint, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re also continuing the Seattle tradition of inlaying the street names in brass on corners downtown. You’ll notice them in the retail core and some other… [ Keep reading ]

One Thousand Five Hundred Eighty One

You’re probably wondering what this number represents.  Is it the number of miles of roadway in Seattle?  Or perhaps it’s the length of the Aurora Bridge?  Actually, 1,581 is the number of collisions that have occurred on Aurora Avenue North in the past three years.  That works out to about… [ Keep reading ]

A Step Up for Walking

Getting around in Seattle involves more than streets and bridges. Here at SDOT we also tend to 491 outdoor public sidewalks that scale steep hillsides where streets don’t cut through. Last week the department’s Bridge and Roadway Structures crews improved one of these public stairways in West Seattle connecting Admiral… [ Keep reading ]