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New Sidewalk Projects Complete

  As previously mentioned here on the SDOT Blog, pedestrians are finding it easier to get around Seattle thanks to the new sidewalks being constructed through Bridging the Gap (BTG) levy. In 2009 our Sidewalk Development Program built more than 25 blocks of new sidewalks.  These new walkways provide connections… [ Keep reading ]

Less Pedal to the Metal Please

Everyone wants to live on a safe street. You know, a street where drivers cautiously travel past homes as opposed to flying by like jets.  SDOT is concerned about safety too.  Our Neighborhood Traffic Operations program uses several tools to help keep speeds low.  Residents that participate in our Traffic… [ Keep reading ]

Lander Street’s Festive Attire

Join the residents of the North Beacon Hill community and the Seattle Department of Transportation on Saturday, December 5th at 10 AM as we celebrate the completion of the Festival Street on S Lander St between 16th Ave S and 17th Ave S. The Lander Festival Street will serve as… [ Keep reading ]

A New Era in Transportation

Here in Seattle we’re in the process of transforming our transportation system. We must accommodate growth, but we can’t build more streets. Although it’s a time of tough budgets, we’re preparing for a positive future and a walkable, livable city. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, offering more… [ Keep reading ]

As you start your holiday shopping…

A reminder on this busy shopping day to look out for pedestrians.  There is even a fun video of the “safety dance” on the SeattlePI’s blog to remind you.  The holiday months typically see the most car-vs.-pedestrian collisions and most of them happen downtown, where people are shopping, going out… [ Keep reading ]

One More Reason for One Less Car

Getting residents to use multiple modes of transportation is important to SDOT. Way to Go is our program to help Seattle residents drive less and incorporate transit, biking, and walking into their daily lives. We currently have a few ways you can drive less and get rewarded as you do!… [ Keep reading ]

A Countdown to Cross By

So by now you are probably pretty familiar with some of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies we use throughout the city to help with traffic. You’ve seen the dynamic message signs we use to alert travelers of roadway conditions, the traffic cameras we use to look out for incidents,… [ Keep reading ]

Pedestrians and Daylight Savings Time

When daylight savings time ends, it takes a few weeks for us to adjust to darker conditions earlier in the evening. After enjoying long hours of daylight in the spring and summer, we are suddenly faced with darkness before 5 p.m. And “falling back” has been shown to have serious… [ Keep reading ]

Be Safe When You Use Your Feet to Trick or Treat

Halloween is a fantastic occasion to walk about our city and meet our neighbors. While we embrace the Halloween spirit by adorning our favorite ghoulish attire, it’s important to remember that the chance of a child being hit by a car on Halloween is nearly double that of any other… [ Keep reading ]

Safe Routes to School Mini-Grants

Studies have shown that there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of children that walk or bike to school on a regular basis. Back in the1960s, more than 40 percent of children used their own two feet (in one way or another) to get to school and reaped… [ Keep reading ]