Hip to be Square

We have a reputation in Seattle for enjoying the quirky side of life, but one place we like things nice and square is at our street intersections. When streets come together at non-right angles (as many in Seattle do), the intersection can be confusing for drivers and result in extra… [ Keep reading ]

Hickory, Dickory, Dock…the Mayor Restarts the Clock!

This past Tuesday Mayor Greg Nickels led the official restarting of King Street Station’s clocks, marking in part, the completion of the first phase of the restoration program. Members of the press gathered on the 11th floor of the station’s 245 foot clock tower to capture the first movements of… [ Keep reading ]

You’re just one click away

From a whole world of interesting questions that folks have been asking since we launched the SDOT blog in July. Have you ever wondered how to change a street name, how SDOT decides which streets to repave next, who owns the sidewalks or how traffic signal timing works with the… [ Keep reading ]

Recycling Our Streets

When we repave a street, we recycle all the material we take out of it.  Nothing is sent to the landfill.  Usually, asphalt is taken to a facility to be “reground” for use in a future paving project.  For example, the “hot mix” we use to pave streets has 20%… [ Keep reading ]

A Little Light Reading

Say you’re a developer in Seattle who is rebuilding the sidewalk in front of your new building.  You want to leave plenty of room so one of your future tenants can open up a sidewalk café; you’re interested in public art and want to leave room for that in the… [ Keep reading ]

Sharing the Road & Protecting the Environment

Pedestrian, bike and transit improvements in the Pine-Pike area are wrapping up, with a design that’s good for the environment.   The natural drainage approach created new bus passenger load zones using Roman pavers – cast concrete blocks tumbled to soften their edges.  Crews tore up the old impervious surface and… [ Keep reading ]

Two Week Hiatus for Work at Marion Street

Paving work on the south side of Marion Street between 1st Ave and 5th Ave has been completed and SDOT is ready to begin work on the north side of the street next.  We will reduce the length of time residents, businesses, vehicular and pedestrian traffic are disrupted on the… [ Keep reading ]

A Shiny New Concrete Panel!

When SDOT reconstructs and paves a roadway, why don’t they always replace all of the concrete panels?  Which ones are the lucky winners and why?  Basically, we replace the panels that are damaged and keep those with remaining functional life.  This may appear odd because some of the panels kept… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Goes Green!

GreenDOT is SDOT’s continuing effort to improve our practices to protect the environment and create a sustainable transportation system that makes it easier to walk, bike and take transit.  We have a goal to get international ISO 14001 EMS Certification by 2012 for what we are putting in place to… [ Keep reading ]

Restoring a Seattle Landmark

Preserving and improving our transportation network and facilities is important to SDOT. King Street Station is one of Seattle’s oldest and most treasured transportation facilities and has been under restoration since 2008. The restoration project aims to maintain the station, and enhance it, as a gateway for the millions of… [ Keep reading ]