New Sidewalk at 90th and Phinney Ave N

The Seattle Times submitted a number of reader questions about transportation related work around the city.  Reader comment:  “Poured an enlarged wheelchair ramp and then tore it (out) shortly afterward.” This was a sidewalk project where the sidewalk went around a corner on a slope.  SDOT crews properly followed the… [ Keep reading ]

Walkers of the world, unite!

It’s going to be a week of pedestrian news for the blog, starting today with a new strategy to keep peds moving next to SDOT’s Second Avenue downtown paving project. Quick background: SDOT is involved in the walk through and next to construction zones in two ways.  First, we coordinate… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Simple Solutions

If you watched the local news last night, you probably heard the stories about the University Bridge closure due to the extreme temperatures.   Anticipating that the bridges would expand in the record-breaking heat, our SDOT bridge engineers had been carefully monitoring Seattle’s bridges all week.  All our other moveable bridges… [ Keep reading ]

Extra care for hot trees

Our record-breaking heat wave is subsiding.  But the need to protect Seattle’s trees from ongoing heat-related stress isn’t ending.  Even a normal Seattle summer can be hard on our urban trees, and the recent unusual temps have been especially tough.  Each tree we can help through the dry season contributes… [ Keep reading ]

Input needed! Bike and truck improvements for south end Ballard Bridge

We’re trying to make it easier to move around the south end of the Ballard Bridge and want to hear from you.  SDOT held a small working session with bicycle, freight and pedestrian advocates and is recommending the following changes. If you bike or drive this corridor, we hope you’ll… [ Keep reading ]

Yesler Terrace’s Talented Eight

Who says urban design and transportation can’t be interesting…for teens? Certainly not the eight high school students who were participants in Seattle Housing Authority’s Yesler 2014 Summer Youth Program. Yesler 2014 aims to involve teens and young adults in the redevelopment of the Yesler Terrace neighborhood. With their help, the… [ Keep reading ]

A smooth ride through SODO

The repaving of 4th Avenue South from Airport Way S to Royal Brougham Way was completed last week.  Check out the photos below for some lovely shots of velvety asphalt and gleaming paint lines.  As we mentioned last week, the project used a new, energy-efficient form of asphalt mix, but… [ Keep reading ]

Bradford Trail Connector ready just in time for Seafair

A new trail link connecting Genessee Park to the surrounding neighborhood was completed on Friday just in time for Seafair.  The Bradford Trail Connector is ADA accessible and provides a new path to the park for all users.  Genessee Park is a popular place to watch the Seafair festivities, so the… [ Keep reading ]

Sidewalks + DIY art at Morgan Junction

If you spend much time around Morgan Junction, you may have noticed a newly installed sidewalk art project right next to Morgan Junction Park.  The project was created by the artists “SuttonBeresCuller” and is titled Salon.   Salon represents something new for the SDOT Art Program.  It incorporates a series… [ Keep reading ]

Columbia City’s new link

  A short but sweet new pedestrian facility connecting people & businesses in a great neighborhood.  Happy walking! 39th Ave S before the new sidewalk   39th Ave S with the new sidewalk This new sidewalk project completes a previously-missing gap in Columbia City’s sidewalk network. It links the sidewalk… [ Keep reading ]