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International Arboriculturists of the World, Unite!

If you were traveling along 35th Ave SW the Friday before last, you probably noticed a ton of activity in the trees lining the street. Troop of misplaced monkeys? Migrating flamingos? Nope, even better. Arboriculturists. Approximately 30 Arborists from 12 local tree care firms that are members of the International… [ Keep reading ]

Capitol Hill Draft Parking Plan

                  You’ll be interested to know that SDOT has released a DRAFT parking plan for the Capitol Hill study area, bounded by E Roy St on the north, 12th Ave E on the east, E Pine St on the south, and Melrose… [ Keep reading ]

Safe Routes to School Mini-Grants

Studies have shown that there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of children that walk or bike to school on a regular basis. Back in the1960s, more than 40 percent of children used their own two feet (in one way or another) to get to school and reaped… [ Keep reading ]

Westlake Square “Triangle” Gets Friendlier

Westlake Square, the triangular section of property bordered by Stewart Street, Sixth Avenue and Westlake Avenue, will soon be a more user-friendly public space! As part of the Westlake Hub Transportation Strategy SDOT, in cooperation with Parks, will spend November removing the walking barriers and non-functional items and replacing them… [ Keep reading ]

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a hybrid crane

The roadway structures group in SDOT (who maintains our bridges and overpasses, among other things) was one of the first groups in the state to add a hybrid truck in their fleet. When they did, the technology was new and unproven. The group worked with the truck manufacturers to meet… [ Keep reading ]

Adding a Splash of Color

If you’ve walked through the Pioneer Square area lately, you may have noticed the rather vibrant construction fence in front of King Street Station. SDOT commissioned ArtWorks to design a mural on the construction fence that has been installed around the Jackson Street entrance to the station. ArtWorks is a… [ Keep reading ]

Bridge Repair – Next in Line

If you’ve been reading the blog with us for a while you know that, just like growing apples and cherries, paving streets and sidewalks in Seattle is a seasonal activity. Paving and rain don’t mix well, and we got a taste this weekend of the rainy days that are soon… [ Keep reading ]

Rain Gardening

Seattle is known worldwide as the Emerald City thanks to our lush, verdant landscape.  Of course we have Mother Nature to thank since she provides the 38 inches of annual rainfall that makes our city so green.  So where does all that water go?  In urban environments like Seattle, most of our rain… [ Keep reading ]

Handling Leaves Impacts Street Sweeping Results

 All the colorful leaves lacing fall trees (and then the ground) are a gift that keeps on giving…in either a good, or a bad way. It all depends on how they’re handled. When residents rake leaves from their yards and sidewalks into the streets the extra load slows down street… [ Keep reading ]

Shrinking Big Foot

Shrinking BigFoot is kicking off in schools this week.  It is a really fun workshop for elementary school kids to empower students to shrink their carbon footprints with easy, everyday actions. Check out the “preview” video here. Seattle City Light and SDOT created the program.  Did you know that driving… [ Keep reading ]