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SDOT’s Repair Programs

SDOT does its best to maintain our transportation system to serve all users, such as people walking, cycling, driving, riding a bus or driving a truck. Our repair program has three main tiers. Potholes We quickly address the safety issues created by those holes in the street so common during… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT’s Snow and Ice Policy: Managing Roads & Water Quality

Last month’s storms showed how SDOT’s updated policy to deal with snow and ice improved our storm response.   And of course we could be dealing with more snow and ice in the weeks ahead. So what is that new snow and ice policy, anyway? In 2009 SDOT updated our snow… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT’s Emergency Service Crews Keep Us Safe 24/7

SDOT keeps Seattle’s roadways safe for the public at all times.   The number of dangers that can befall our transportation system without warning could keep you up at night.  Just consider: sink holes, fallen trees or limbs, oil spills, lost loads of gravel or lumber, defective pavement areas such… [ Keep reading ]

While you sleep, we sweep

Did you know that every night of the week while you snooze, members of SDOT’s Street Maintenance Night Crew are cleaning Seattle’s arterial streets?  Arterials carry lots of traffic.  With lots of traffic comes lots of dirt, grit and pollutants.  There are many reasons to clean our streets.  Obviously, it… [ Keep reading ]

The many varieties of bicycle facilities

As we continue developing Seattle’s system of bicycle facilities, we want to make sure folks are aware of the various kinds of facilities out there.  We look at many factors when determining what type of facility to build in a specific location: the amount of space available, the type of… [ Keep reading ]

Shoveling your sidewalk. It’s neighborly. (And it’s the law.)

With the recent snow and ice storm, we thought it would be a good idea to share a friendly reminder that we all need to keep our sidewalks clear.  If you have a sidewalk in front of your property, it’s your responsibility to remove snow and ice so it doesn’t… [ Keep reading ]

Getting around in the snow

Snowstorms are serious business.  Get the latest info from Take Winter by, Seattle’s Emergency Info Page, SDOT and Metro Transit.  The tips below are meant to help you make the best of snow storms when they don’t pose any danger to you. With a forecast for significant snow, we… [ Keep reading ]

Listening to All Users Helps Us Design Sidewalks for All

At SDOT we’re striving to make it easier for as many folks as possible to use the streets, sidewalks, bike system, buses and trains in Seattle.  Understanding the perspectives of various users of the transportation system is key to making a system that works well for everyone, so we listen… [ Keep reading ]

Tips for New and Renewed Cyclists

Did you get a new bike this holiday season?  Lucky you!  Are you simply resolved to dust off your old one and get more exercise?  Good for you! Either way, we offer these tips to get you rolling. Maps & apps.  We have lots of great places to bike in… [ Keep reading ]

Mountaineers tread lightly on the earth – on the trail and on the road

Puget Sounders love to enjoy our beautiful natural environment.  To help preserve that experience for future generations, the Mountaineers, Washington’s pre-eminent outdoor recreation club, encourages folks to carpool or vanpool to the trailhead, events and meetings.  You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment we all enjoy.  Plus,… [ Keep reading ]