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Sidewalk Repair Makes it Easier to Get Around Madrona

This fall SDOT replaced the uplifted, crumbling sidewalks along most of the 900 block of 34th Ave with new, flat, smooth sidewalks.  The project is on 34th Ave, south of E Spring St, across the street from Madrona Playground, and just south of the Madrona business district.  You may know… [ Keep reading ]

Leave leaves in the street? Never!

Got trees?  Then you’ve got responsibilities.   Remember when you were a kid and wanted a puppy, and you had to promise to walk him and feed him and clean up after him?  It’s the same deal with trees when it comes to cleaning up after them.  (Walking your tree is… [ Keep reading ]

Here come the girders! Major milestone for W Thomas St Overpass

Tonight SDOT hits a major milestone on the W Thomas Street pedestrian/bicycle overpass project.   When completed this Spring, this project will connect people on foot and on bike between Uptown and Myrtle Edwards Park with a bridge that swoops over busy Elliot Ave W and the train tracks bordering the… [ Keep reading ]

Winter Cycling

Sure it’s wetter, colder and darker this time of year, but we hope these nuggets of info help inspire you to keep peddling through the winter. Bike right. Winter biking requires some common sense: slow down, brake earlier than usual and make wider turns.  Read more here. There’s no such… [ Keep reading ]

Making Seattle a More Equitable Community

We want all members of our community to have access to all the opportunities Seattle has to offer: schools, jobs, recreation, healthy food and more.  To that end, the City is working to make a more equitable community and end race-based disparities in City government. Gone are the days when… [ Keep reading ]

Help make Seattle’s streets safer: Road Safety Summit

We have lots of ways to get around our city.  You might walk one day, use a car the next and ride a bike the day after.  Many folks use multiple modes in the same day.        Regardless of how you move around Seattle, the City strives to ensure that everyone… [ Keep reading ]

What do Copernicus and SDOT have in common?

Did you hear this morning’s radio story about Copernicus, the 16th century astronomer who made the outrageous conclusion that the Earth revolved around the Sun? In the 1500’s it seemed pretty obvious to almost everyone that the Earth doesn’t spin or move, and that the planets and stars move around… [ Keep reading ]

Preventing landslides

What’s not to love about Seattle’s hills, with their great views of the water and mountains? Well, here’s something: landslides.   Depending on the amount rain and their intensity,  landslides can be a big problem, causing major damage to public and private property.   Last year SDOT’s Street Maintenance crew responded to more… [ Keep reading ]

Macy’s new window display shows up and coming… bus arrivals

Riding the bus from a busy stop downtown just got better. Passengers waiting for the bus on 3rd Ave in front of Macy’s (at Pine Street) can now get up-to-the-minute estimates on when their bus will arrive by checking out a video screen SDOT installed in a Macy’s display window earlier… [ Keep reading ]

“Thoughtful. Considerate. Accommodating.” The perfect boyfriend? No, a Rainier Ave sidewalk project

Here’s how SDOT’s Sidewalk Safety and Repair Program (SSRP) used some creativity to enhance another project, help out bus riders, and preserve street trees. The SSRP program repairs a finite amount of sidewalks throughout the city each year, so it’s important to get the most bang for our buck.  When the program… [ Keep reading ]