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Only 35% of Downtown Commuters Drive Alone

Wow.  That means 65% of Downtown employees now commute by train, bus, bike, foot, carpool and other options.   When a political candidate or an initiative gets 65% of the votes, we call that a landslide. More people choosing these travel options is good for Downtown employees, businesses and customers because… [ Keep reading ]

Where can I park my bike downtown?

Don’t you wish there were a map that showed buildings downtown that have bike racks, and even showers and lockers for tenants?  Wouldn’t it be nice to pull up that map on your mobile device to find the nearest on-street bike rack or see the bike lanes and routes downtown? Well, you… [ Keep reading ]

Will Your Neighborhood Win the Walk Bike Ride Challenge Competition?

Last week we told you about all the great prizes you can win in the big July/August Walk Bike Ride Challenge.  (Click here for that blog post.) Another reason to be part of this effort is to help your neighborhood win our friendly competition to see which neigbhorhood will save… [ Keep reading ]

Get Moving, Get Active, Get Prizes

It’s always a great time to switch to walking, biking and riding with the Walk Bike Ride Challenge, but like many things, summer is the best time to do it. First, there’s the weather.  Sunny Seattle summer days. Walking and biking.  Say no more.    Then there are the prizes! … [ Keep reading ]

Making a Transit Vision Happen

Nearly all the buses and trains in Seattle are run by other agencies, so does the City of Seattle have a role in creating a vision of what our transit system will look like in the future? Actually, the City of Seattle plays a vital role in creating the vision… [ Keep reading ]

Georgetown, Squire Park, South Park and West Seattle are Getting “In Motion” This Summer!

SDOT and its partners are working hard so everyone has more and better choices to get around on foot, bike, buses and trains.  Just as important as providing more choices is encouraging people to use those choices.   King County Metro Transit’s In Motion program is a great example of encouraging… [ Keep reading ]

Biking Will Get Better in Green Lake this Summer

This summer SDOT will make bicycling easier and safer in Green Lake by installing bike lanes and sharrows to connect the bike lanes on East Green Lake Way N to the bike lanes on NE Ravenna Blvd.  This will connect homes, Green Lake Elementary and the shops along NE 65th… [ Keep reading ]

New Bike Lanes Coming to Ballard this Summer

Biking is about to get easier and safer in Ballard.  This summer SDOT is adding bike lanes on 20th Ave NW between NW Market St and NW 65th—connecting the Ballard business district to the single family homes, apartments, condos, businesses and Salmon Bay School to the north.  The new bike… [ Keep reading ]