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Building a connected Seattle bike network.

Today, the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) 2019 to 2024 Implementation Plan was delivered to City Council.  It identifies projects and programs which, combined with existing facilities, will deliver a robust connected citywide bike network. Using a combination of protected bike lanes, trails, neighborhood greenways, and funding for bike… [ Keep reading ]

A FREE Rainier Valley style & safety event w/Aramis Hamer

Rainier Valley is a multifaceted collection of communities in southeast Seattle anchored together by Rainier Ave S. The community is home to some of Seattle’s most culture-rich and diverse residents and schools. Rainier Ave S is also home to Seattle’s highest collision corridor. On average, Rainier Ave… [ Keep reading ]

Let’s talk about managing Seattle congestion in a fair and equitable way.

Seattle is rapidly changing and growing.  Seattle has ranked among the top four major U.S. cities in growth for five consecutive years. Since 2010, over 100,000 people have moved here– and more are on the way. Seattle–area jobs are projected to grow 28 percent by 2035. This rapid growth will present some challenges, particularly when it comes to traffic and congestion.  With the expected continued growth in residents and… [ Keep reading ]

Magnolia Bridge Study Results

The Magnolia Bridge was built in 1930 & has stood watching over Elliott Bay for nearly 90 years.   The Magnolia Bridge has seen a lot over the years. No, we’re not talking about the stunning view you enjoy while driving along the bridge (arguably one of the best viewpoints of downtown in Seattle); we’re talking about the bridge itself.  Ninety years is… [ Keep reading ]

UPDATE: Mercer St has been reopened after tragic crane collapse

This blog has been updated to reflect that SDOT crews have reopened Mercer St earlier than anticipated.  The tragic collapse of a crane on Saturday, April 27, has significantly impacted the lives of many. Our thoughts & prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy. As Vulcan and GLY… [ Keep reading ]

Trailhead Direct’s transit to trails is back!

Ok, hikers and outdoor lovers. The #GreatPNW struggle is real. You decide it’s a great day for a hike, so you head out into the wild & find upon your arrival that the rest of Seattle has had the same – exact – idea. Never mind that… [ Keep reading ]

We studied how we use public spaces. And the results may surprise you.

SDOT city planners launched a first-of-a-kind public life study to collect “people-centered data.” Last summer, when our urban planners launched SDOT’s first-ever public life study (pssst: this is the first ever for any municipal transportation agency in the country!), they weren’t exactly sure what they’d find. One thing we were… [ Keep reading ]

Making the most of the Move Seattle Levy resources to implement the Bicycle Master Plan.

Over the past 3 years, the City of Seattle has built 27 miles of new bike facilities. Mayor Durkan and SDOT Director, Sam Zimbabwe are committed to continuing to build a connected bike network as Seattle grows. We know many people are talking about how we’re implementing Seattle’s 2014 Bicycle… [ Keep reading ]

Our Street Use permit counter hours are changing.

Starting Apr. 1, our Street Use permit counter hours are changing to: Mon, Wed, Fri — 9 AM to 4 PM Tues, Thurs — 10:30 AM to 4 PM Here’s why. We studied when people visited our permit counter and found that the majority of applicants visited between… [ Keep reading ]

Cho chúng tôi biết trải nghiệm của bạn

Phòng cấp phép sử dụng đường phố thuộc Sở giao thông vận tải Seattle (gọi tắt là SDOT) chịu trách nhiệm quản lý hệ thống đường phố công cộng cũng như cấp giấy phép cho các dự án và hoạt động cần sử dụng đường đi và vỉa hè…. [ Keep reading ]