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Facebook your friends! Retweet away! Just be sure to Come out and Play!

Seattle Summer Streets are back and going strong this weekend! Come on out and have a picnic in the street…play scrabble…teach your kid to ride their bike…have fun! This weekend Summer Streets parties take place in Ballard (Friday) and on Alki (Sunday).     For the Alki celebration enjoy Coastal Boutique’s Surf machine… [ Keep reading ]

Surviving Spokane

The 1st Ave on-ramp to the West Seattle Bridge (S Spokane St Viaduct) closed yesterday as promised – and…traffic is still moving.  The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) was planning for the worst and hoping for the best, with uniformed police officers and traffic operations spotters stationed at key intersections… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Map Puts SDOT on the Map!

The SDOT interactive Traveler’s Information Map has been named the 2010 Best Project of the Year Award winner. The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Management & Operations and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Council singled out the SDOT map project from a field of over a dozen major projects in the… [ Keep reading ]

Nickerson Street Improvements

On May 11th, Mayor McGinn announced that the city is moving forward with a ‘road diet’ on Nickerson Street.  When complete, this project will improve pedestrian and bicycle safety while accommodating traffic flows on this key arterial.  SDOT reviewed and considered comments from many individuals and groups in response to informational flyers… [ Keep reading ]

It’s Not Easy to be a Tree in the City

Seattle has an estimated 150,000 city trees, and of those, SDOT’s Urban Forestry division maintains 40,000. It takes a tough tree to survive the likes of the city’s built environment. By comparison, a tree that can live to be 400-500 years old in a park setting, may have an average… [ Keep reading ]

Save the Stairs…Vote in Pairs

King Street Station is one of Seattle’s treasured landmarks and you have the chance to help win vital funds to restore it. If you’ve been to the station recently, you know that the public staircase from the Jackson Street Plaza on the north side of the station is closed. That’s… [ Keep reading ]

The Inclined Plane in Action

It has long been known that the inclined plane provides a mechanical advantage by reducing the amount of force needed to move an object vertically.  So how does this related to transportation you ask?  Well, most of us don’t realize that we use this simple machine every day when we ascend… [ Keep reading ]

Sidewalks..a kaleidoscope of colors

What color is your sidewalk? Is it Buckwheat? Dusty Rose? Apricot? Concrete doesn’t just come in one color – there are actually dozens of different shades. When a sidewalk is being constructed or replaced, SDOT often consults with the contractor or the private sidewalk owner to choose the exact shade… [ Keep reading ]

Walk and Smell the Flowers

Do you find yourself out and about more these days, enjoying the extra sunlight, smelling the flowers, and just strolling around your neighborhood? Are you thinking you should do more walking to get some exercise and see your neighbors? Well, there are a lot of great walking maps of Seattle… [ Keep reading ]

Take over the streets

The first Summer Street event is only 4 weeks away; and we need volunteers.  So if you have ever been secretly wishing to take over the street – now is your chance.   Celebrate Seattle Summer Streets is a series of four events occurring between the months of April and… [ Keep reading ]