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SUNDAY, DEC 23: Median & planting strip maintenance on Mercer corridor.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting January 14, 2019, we will retire the On the Move blog channel and all traffic advisory blogs will be posted on the SDOT blog channel.  Our Urban Forestry Landscape crews will be performing a fall cut-back and clean-up of the median and planting strips along the Mercer corridor between 5th Ave N… [ Keep reading ]

Storm Advisory: Getting gusty! High winds throughout the day. See our quick tips!

You’ve likely noticed, it’s already quite windy and wet today. The National Weather Service is predicting a blustery Thursday, with sustained southerly winds (25-40 MPH) and gusts up to 60 MPH from 10 AM to 7 PM in the Seattle area. To that effect, they’ve issued a High Wind Warning… [ Keep reading ]

Opening up the view to safety.

Tackling vegetation overgrowth. Crews from our Urban Forestry and Emergency Response Maintenance groups joined Saturday, working to improve visibility around the W Seattle Admiral Way ramp, to the W Seattle Bridge. Vegetation was limiting sight lines, making it tough for drivers headed up Admiral to see traffic coming down… [ Keep reading ]

What’s moving Seattle this week?

It’s time to party in our streets! Get ready, Seattle! The Capitol Hill Block Party and Bite of Seattle are happening this week. Add daily Mariner and Sounders games, a festival, a parade, and 5k runs and that number blows up to 100k people having fun outside. As you guessed… [ Keep reading ]

More Shade, More Gain | A Move Seattle Street Tree Story

Aaaaahhh, shade – it’s a beautiful thing. Now that summer is just a week away, we’re going to need more of it. Seattle is fortunate to have approximately 28% of its land covered with tree canopy. A conservative estimate of 300,000 street trees contributes to this amazing forest. Our Urban… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT is All About Safety with Operation TREE-IAGE (Triage) Update: New Blog Video

It’s that time again! Summer is ending, school’s about to start and back-to-school activities are well underway here at SDOT. Yep, you read that right! SDOT and back-to-school go hand-in-hand, because we’re all about Safe Routes to School. This is why we kicked off Operation TREE-IAGE, you know like, ‘triage’? You can thank Director Scott… [ Keep reading ]

Flowers aren’t just for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day weekend, we pause to appreciate the maternal people in our lives for all the things they’ve taught us, and do for us. What better time to appreciate the many things that SDOT’s flower-filled roadside landscapes do for us throughout the year? We all enjoy the beauty of the… [ Keep reading ]

Happy Earth Day!

For Earth Day on Saturday, let’s look at how our city crews care for the 40,000 trees along our streets which SDOT is responsible to maintain. It’s a big job, so last year SDOT launched the Street Tree Management Plan (STMP) to be more proactive and to manage our trees in a… [ Keep reading ]

Keeping the Emerald City Green

Seattle wouldn’t be the Emerald City without all the beautiful trees that line our streets. Street trees provide shade and habitat, soften busy urban sidewalks, simply make our streets nicer places to spend time, and so much more. So, who maintains the 40,000 “SDOT trees” spread along Seattle’s 1,675 linear… [ Keep reading ]

Lending a Hand to Portland

On January 11, 2017, Portland was hit with a massive snowstorm, making national headlines. So we sent crews to help out the Portland Bureau of Transportation. It was hard work, but our crews say they’ll never forget the trip to help our friends to the south. Our Maintenance Operations Division sent more than a dozen crew… [ Keep reading ]