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Lending a Hand to Portland

On January 11, 2017, Portland was hit with a massive snowstorm, making national headlines. So we sent crews to help out the Portland Bureau of Transportation. It was hard work, but our crews say they’ll never forget the trip to help our friends to the south. Our Maintenance Operations Division sent more than a dozen crew… [ Keep reading ]

Green Streets

SDOT engineers, planners, and paving crews are responsible for the 4,000 miles of roadway and 2,000 miles of sidewalk that keep our city moving. But who maintains the countless plants that keep our city green? That’s SDOT’s gardeners and irrigation specialists. Our team of gardeners, irrigation specialists, certified horticulturalists and arborists… [ Keep reading ]

Move Seattle Trees: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

You may remember that back in July we told you that SDOT would be doing a large majority of our tree planting this fall. The darker mornings and rain on our windshields can only mean one thing: it’s time to plant some trees. SDOT crews were in West Seattle last… [ Keep reading ]

Healthier and Safer Street Trees

Starting this year and continuing through 2024, SDOT will significantly improve the health and safety of Seattle’s street trees. Our Urban Forestry staff will have better information on the City’s street trees using a new street tree app and more staff dedicated to proactively prune and replace trees, thanks to increased funding from the… [ Keep reading ]

Planting Trees Across the Country

Last week we were excited to welcome Nikola Agatic, who rode into town after completing a cross-county bicycle trip with stops for tree planting along the way. We joined community members to help him plant a tree in Railroad Park, which for trivia buffs was planted by producers from Sleepless in Seattle as… [ Keep reading ]

Our Valuable Urban Canopy

We love our trees in the Pacific Northwest, especially in Seattle. They add a pop of green in a city sometimes surrounded by gray. Besides being nice to look at, trees also filter carbon dioxide out of the air and produce oxygen. We can all agree that trees are valuable…. [ Keep reading ]

Preserving a “Best In City” Scarlet Oak

SDOT’s Urban Forestry tree crew has begun work to preserve an enormous scarlet oak (Quercus coccinea) in the Wedgwood neighborhood in north Seattle. This huge tree is one of a handful of trees in the right of way designated as a Heritage Tree.  The Heritage Tree Program is a partnership between the City and PlantAmnesty… [ Keep reading ]

Improving Seattle One Street End at a Time

Seattle is surrounded by water – Lake Washington, Lake Union, Puget Sound, and other waterways – resulting in more than 200 miles of magnificent shoreline. That much shoreline also means that 149 public streets in Seattle end on waterfronts.  These “shoreline street ends” are precious community assets that should be preserved for public use – that’s where SDOT’S Shoreline… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT’s 2015 Accomplishments

SDOT’s 2015 Accomplishments To meet the challenges of a rapidly growing city while improving safety, delivering its core services, and providing more options for travelers, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) focused on launching important new initiatives in 2015. Maintenance: The nine-year Bridging the Gap transportation levy ended in 2015… [ Keep reading ]

Georgetown Trees help celebrate Holidays (well, in the photo anyway)!

Just in time for the holidays—the transformation in Georgetown was recently completed as SDOT implemented an Office of Sustainability plan to turn gray to green for two priority Georgetown neighborhood sites. SDOT Urban Forestry crews installed 16 new street trees in a “depaved” planting strip along Corson Avenue South between South Eddy Street and South… [ Keep reading ]