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Your commutes are awesome. Keep it up!

No, YOU’RE the best! Seattle, you really are the best – we’re working together as a region to get through this era of tough traffic and everyone pulling together to adjust their commute is inspiring! We’re well into week 2 of the #SeattleSqueeze, and in addition to saying thank you… [ Keep reading ]

Here are the #SeattleSqueeze numbers you’ve been waiting for.

One week down, Seattle. We made it through our first week of the #SeattleSqueeze and the #Realign99 closure. We’re making history and we think it’s important that you know this – that you, we, us, we’re all part of this epic Seattle transportation story. And whilst you’re sitting on… [ Keep reading ]

Choo-Choo, coming through! Keeping trains & traffic moving during the #Realign99 closure.

During the #Realign99 closure, making sure we keep people and goods moving safely is our number one priority. During the longest highway closure that the Puget Sound region has ever seen, we’re balancing many different forms of transportation, including people walking, biking, driving, or taking transit… … And freight!… [ Keep reading ]

WEEKEND EVENTS: #SeattleSqueeze Edition

It’s Friday eve and we wanted to give you an early heads up, as the second weekend of the #SeattleSqueeze nears. A couple large-scale events to be aware of – Womxn’s March and the 37th Annual MLK Day Rally and March, plus some smaller ones that may impact commutes, including… [ Keep reading ]

How do YOU #SeattleSqueeze?

You’re the best! First of all, happy hump day! 3-day weekend, here we come. Second, a huge shout out to you all, the traveling public (yeah, if we ever formed a band, that would be our name. Please send album cover ideas our way). Thank YOU for shifting trips, taking… [ Keep reading ]

Slowing down has a serious upside when it comes to traffic safety

There’s this saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, in some ways the next three weeks present us with a series of opportunities to squeeze the heck out of some lemons. And with today’s sunshine and clear skies, it almost (almost) feels like we’re not in the… [ Keep reading ]

Biking during the #Realign99 closure.

Getting around on two wheels is a great option during the SR 99 closure beginning on January 11, 2019 and beyond. We want bicycling to be a mainstream, comfortable and safe choice for people of all cultures, ages, abilities, and backgrounds. If you’ve been thinking about ditching four wheels for… [ Keep reading ]

#SeattleSqueezeAlert – Be prepared for changes to Seattle’s streets beginning January 9.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting January 14, 2019, we will retire the On the Move blog channel and all traffic advisory blogs will be posted on the SDOT blog channel.  To manage the increased volume of traffic on our city’s streets and changing traffic patterns in advance of the SR closure beginning Friday, January 11, we’re configuring key streets and… [ Keep reading ]