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Once Around the Web: Streetmix – Go play with your street!

Streetmix is a free web app lets you mash up bike lanes, sidewalks, parks, transit and car lanes to see what kind of arrangements might be the most appealing and practical.  What’s your vision for the street outside? More cars? More bikes? New streetcar? More street trees? More sidewalks? The… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: More and More We Are Driving Less and Less

It’s hard to believe but Americans really are driving less. At first it they thought was due to The Economy & High Gas Prices. Then it was because of Those Odd Millennials. But more and more it seems like maybe something else is going on… America’s Driving Less, and This… [ Keep reading ]

Crossings, crosswalks, countdowns and trailers – oh my!

Thanks to the Bridging the Gap (BTG) transportation initiative passed by Seattle voters in 2006, funding is available to make needed crossing improvements, remark crosswalks, deploy the speed watch trailer and install pedestrian countdown signals across the city. So far in 2013, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has made… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Sit a spell!

Street furniture refers to objects placed within the streetscape. The Seattle Right-of-Way Improvements Manual provides the following examples of street furnishings: “benches, litter and recycling receptacles, bike racks, multiple publication newsstands, water fountains, pedestrian scaled lighting and planters. Public art includes art installations that have a functional component and art… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Amster-dammit! Why can’t we have that?!

Seattle is making great strides in bicycling and biking facilities – check out this, and this, and this. But there’s always room for improvement and there’s always some place doing it better right? And that place is usually Amsterdam. Amsterdam, the land of a thousand cycles Amsterdam is a city… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Atlantic Cities

The Atlantic Cities covers urban design, transit, planning, jobs, housing, and lifestyles all over the globe and if you are reading this blog, you should probably be reading it as well. It’s a wealth of fun, interesting, and compelling stories about a wide range of urban issues. Here are a… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: ‘Round and Round it Goes

Have we passed peak car? A new analysis suggests we may have. Here’s why you should still be skeptical. Peak oil, peak car, what’s next? Peak streets? Cars and trucks don’t kill pedestrians and cyclists; people kill pedestrians and cyclists. Accidentally re-framed and blameless? Driver-less cars aren’t on the road… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Life at 3 MPH

What if we all lived life at 3 mph? Wayfarer Jonathon Stalls has walked thousands of miles over the last few years in response to that very question. In this riveting 10-minute talk, Jonathon asks us to question the design of our cities, and implores the audience to get out… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Bikeability

Infographic: Four Requirements for a Bikeable City Check out this great infographic from ChangeLab Solutions: Enjoy Bike to Work Day on Friday!

Once Around The Web: Smorgasbord!

It’s a tasty smorgasbord of transportation links for you to stuff your face with!  Driving is all that. NOT! Driving is so 1995, chart shows Food for thought: Grocery Delivery Service Is Greener Than Driving to the Store Is Seattle the next Toronto? Toronto’s waterfront makeover a huge money maker,… [ Keep reading ]