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‘Tis the season for slowing down and wearing bright lights!

Shorter days and rainy weather signal the arrival of fall with winter following close behind! The good news is those of us in the Northwest don’t let either slow us down, we just dig out the GoreTx and keep right on peddling our way to work and to fun! Thanks… [ Keep reading ]

King Street Restoration Video

At the beginning of November we posted an article about the restoration of the lovely ornamental plaster in the historic King Street Station. Now you can see it up close in a video, below. The best part is at the end of the video when the restorers remove a rubber mold from a… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Watch Out!

Streetfilms has put together a great new video about our neighbor to the north, Vancouver, BC. It’s called: Perfect Match: Metro Vancouver Melds Bikes and Transit. And if you missed the one they released in September called Vancouver’s Velo Vision: Safe Biking for All Ages – check it out as… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle police to conduct road safety emphasis patrols in Rainier Valley

Consider yourself on alert! The Seattle Police Department (SPD) will have a larger presence in the Rainier Valley on Thursday and Friday, October 18 and 19.  SPD will be conducting emphasis patrols to improve traffic safety for everyone using Seattle’s roads as part of the Be Super Safe Seattle effort…. [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Lego My Bike Box!

The city of Edmonton just recently installed their first bike box. To help folks get acquainted with the bike box concept they created this  charming Lego video.  It  gets most of the details right, although bike boxes are implemented a little differently here in the United States and design standards… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Pothole Rangers on the Hunt!

SDOT’s Pothole Rangers  are a dedicated team of Street Maintenance workers who work hard filling potholes all over Seattle. The work can be hot and dirty but they take a lot of pride in what they do.  Take a few minutes (3:29 to be exact) and watch this video put… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web – Like Whoa!

Here are a few noteworthy items from the news this week  to amaze and delight you! Burglar-proof Bike Lock – It Takes Safety to a Whole New Level! If this bike lock becomes popular, it’s going to bring a new dimension to the question – “Where the heck did I… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Steer Clear!

Yahoo Travel has compiled a list of the top 5 world’s most dangerous roads. “We wanted to get to the bottom of exactly where caution should be taken, and found five places with perils you may not have ever considered, from South American back roads with poor track records to… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: What’s on today?

Today we have a roundup of some of the more interesting transportation related videos on the intertubes! Enjoy! Fun at the Crosswalk Students of digital media design at HAWK University in Hildesheim, Germany, have designed a game called STREETPONG to make waiting for the light to change, a little more… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Don’t Call It Boring!

Popular Mechanics has a great article this week about digging the world’s widest tunnel right here on our front porch. Check it out — Digging an Enormous Tunnel Under Downtown Seattle. And you don’t want to miss WSDOT’s awesome flickr feed — especially SR 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct – Preparing… [ Keep reading ]