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Make Every Day Earth Day

We here at SDOT strive to incorporate the tenets of Earth Day into our work throughout the year.  We lessen the load on the planet through simple actions – by keeping sediments out of storm drains and protecting our waterways, by protecting tress, by using green paving materials, and by… [ Keep reading ]

Traffic Safety Project Rolls Out Major Enforcement Patrol

As has been widely reported, the Aurora Traffic Safety Project launched a major Safe Driving Emphasis Patrol on Aurora yesterday.  More than 60 personnel from the Seattle Police Department and the Washington State Patrol patrolled Aurora all day and all night.  The patrol focused on the behaviors that most… [ Keep reading ]

Washington State Roadways Now Safer

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, 2010 was a historically safe year on roadways throughout the state.  Traffic-related fatalities decreased by nearly 9 percent statewide to the lowest number since record keeping began.  This reduction is a significant step towards meeting the goal of Target Zero, the shared goal… [ Keep reading ]

And the Winner Is…

Back in February we reported on an anti-distracted driving video contest sponsored by the Aurora Traffic Safety Project, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and State Farm Insurance. The contest, known as the $248 Challenge, invited students at all local high schools to develop videos that displayed the dangers of this behavior.  Students… [ Keep reading ]

Artistic Cyclists Visit Seattle Schools

Students at Concord Elementary School in South Park were treated to a special performance by World Champion Artistic Cyclists Corrina Hein, Stefan Musu and Lukas Matla in March.  In town from Germany for the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle Bicycle Expo, these amazing athletes took to the gymnasium hardwoods to share their skills with local kids.  Concord is… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT and Parks Partner to Build New Sidewalk

The Parks Department is in the process of putting the finishing touches on one of our city’s newest parks just north of the Northgate Mall.  Hubbard Homestead Park sits on the site of a former park and ride.  While commuters will still be able to catch the bus on 5th Ave NE, the sea of asphalt (see… [ Keep reading ]

2011 Seattle Bicycling Guide Map Now Available!

Back in December we took you on a tour of Seattle’s newest bicycle facilities.  More than 20 miles of new facilities were installed as we continue to implement the Bicycle Master Plan’s vision of a 450-mile on- and off-street bicycle network.  While new bike facilties significantly enhance our transportation system, our bike map becomes outdated… [ Keep reading ]

Traffic Safety Project Decreases Collisions on Aurora

The Aurora Traffic Safety Project has been working to reduce collisions on Aurora Avenue North since June of 2009.  With one year’s worth of collision data now processed, we’ve been able to assess the performance of the project to date.  And we have good news to report!  When compared to… [ Keep reading ]