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Have a Super Safe Independence Day

Tens of thousands of people will gather around the shores of Lake Union today and tens of thousands of others will be perched on the hills across Seattle get a view of the fireworks this evening. In neighborhoods and parks throughout the city, friends and families will gather for parties…. [ Keep reading ]

Designing Streets for Safety

We here at the SDOT Blog frequently write about safety and street design. After all, safety is our top priority and “Safer Roadway Design for All” is a focus area in our Road Safety Action Plan. In just the past few weeks we’ve written about reducing speeds in school zones,… [ Keep reading ]

Memorial Day Weekend Ushers in 100 Days to be Extra-Super-Safe

Ah, Memorial Day weekend. Three days of long-awaited travel, the outdoors and reveling in the return of sunshine. This unofficial start of summer, as Memorial Day is often deemed, also marks an especially notorious stretch of 100 days on Washington’s roadways that spans Independence Day and Labor Day weekend. According… [ Keep reading ]

Corridor Safety Projects Improve Safety for All

We’ve blogged extensively about Corridor Safety Projects over the years including projects on Aurora Avenue N and our latest effort on Lake City Way. With these projects come signs alerting drivers that a “Traffic Safety Project” is occuring on the roadway. But these projects address much more than just “traffic” safety, they address… [ Keep reading ]

Underway on Lake City Way

After months of planning the Lake City Way Traffic Safety Project is officially underway! On March 28th residents and business owners took to our favorite roadway to remind drivers to ‘stop for pedestrians’, to ‘drive like you live here’ and that ‘streets are for people’. Following the attention-getting walk we kicked-off our project… [ Keep reading ]

Senior Safety: Tips for a Safe Walking Experience

Seattle is a major employment center and transit hub, one of the nation’s largest port cities, and a research and education center with unique neighborhoods and thriving business districts. More than 900,000 vehicles traverse Seattle’s streets daily including buses, freight, and passenger vehicles. These drivers share the road with the many thousands of cyclists and… [ Keep reading ]

Safe Roads Awareness Week, March 25 – 28

Seattle is coming together to raise awareness about the safety issues facing everyone that uses our streets. Safe Roads Awareness Week is a week-long series of events spearheaded by the Wedgwood Community Council and the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association and supported by the Seattle Department of Transportation. Several events will be held during the week… [ Keep reading ]

Safety Improvements Coming to SW Roxbury Street

The planning process for the SW Roxbury Street Road Safety Corridor Project is underway. SDOT and our community partners have held four feedback sessions to share our data and hear from the public about their experiences and observations on the corridor. SDOT launched this project after receiving a request for a… [ Keep reading ]

Plan Ahead for the Big Game

Cheese platters are in high demand. Products containing the colors blue or green are sold out. And people across the region are busy planning parties for the big game. If drinking alcohol is part of your game plan next Sunday, be sure to make transportation arrangements in advance. Here are a few tips… [ Keep reading ]

Accidents Rare, Mistakes Common

The word “accident” isn’t really part of our vocabularly here at SDOT. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of collisions – at least 90 percent – are preventable. The word ‘crash’ is a much more accurate way to describe these incidents. Most crashes are caused by mistakes like speeding,… [ Keep reading ]