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Citizen Oversight of the Bridging the Gap Levy

Concerned about how Bridging the Gap (BTG) levy funds are being used in Seattle? Then you will be pleased to know that a citizen-led Bridging the Gap Levy Oversight Committee ensures that these vital funds are appropriately spent on addressing Seattle’s maintenance backlog and enhancing its transportation infrastructure. This committee… [ Keep reading ]

Thank you PhinneyWood for a wonderful Summer Streets block party!

Thanks to PhinneyWood businesses, neighbors, friends and everyone else who helped make Friday’s Summer Streets event a huge success. An estimated 10,000 people enjoyed strolling the street, riding bikes, interacting with artists, watching acrobats, making art, listening to bands, creating music, chasing bubbles, meeting friends, shopping in local businesses, taking… [ Keep reading ]

Why Bridging the Gap Alone Can’t Eliminate Seattle’s Maintenance Backlog

Earlier this year SDOT provided new estimates of our maintenance backlog and annual maintenance needs to the Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee and the Seattle City Council. Many folks have asked why these figures have changed so dramatically since 2006, prior to passage of the Bridging the Gap Levy.  During development… [ Keep reading ]

Ship Canal Trail Construction Begins Soon

Construction on the long-awaited final segment of the Ship Canal Trail is expected to begin in early September.  One of the many hurdles the project team had to overcome was the successful negotiation of permits to move private utility lines to a new location – necessary before Burlington Northern Santa… [ Keep reading ]

Current Standings in WBR Challenge Contest

People are asking, so here you go—the latest standings in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge neighborhood competition. Some neighborhoods moved up, and others down since our last update, which shows that you can make a difference in which neighborhood wins.  All of Seattle wins with these great stats: over 1,200… [ Keep reading ]

Have You Talked to the Seawall Team this Summer?

“Where is the seawall?” “Are gribbles real?” “What will an earthquake do to Seattle’s waterfront?” If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you’re not alone! Elliott Bay Seawall Project staff have attended several community fairs and festivals this summer and have already talked with more than 600 people picnicking… [ Keep reading ]

New Bike Lanes on 20th Ave NW

In our ongoing effort to implement the Bicycle Master Plan, SDOT recently completed installing new bike lanes on 20th Avenue NW in Ballard.  Seattle’s freshest bike facilities run for one half mile in both directions on 20th from Market Street to NW 65th Street. Cyclists that aren’t comfortable riding… [ Keep reading ]

How Neighborhoods Are Stacking Up in the WBR Challenge Competition

Over  1,000 people have signed up for the July/August Walk Bike Ride Challenge  and switched 96,000 miles of car trips to walking, biking and riding.   As we say around here, “Way to Go, Seattle!”  For each trip they report, “challengers” earn a chance to win some great prizes. We’re tracking… [ Keep reading ]

Only 35% of Downtown Commuters Drive Alone

Wow.  That means 65% of Downtown employees now commute by train, bus, bike, foot, carpool and other options.   When a political candidate or an initiative gets 65% of the votes, we call that a landslide. More people choosing these travel options is good for Downtown employees, businesses and customers because… [ Keep reading ]

New multi-use trail opened in SODO!

Cyclists and pedestrians can now enjoy using the new portside path located along Alaskan Way S. between S. Atlantic Street and S. King Street, which provides a direct route to and from downtown Seattle without having to cross the railroad tracks. See more here. WSDOT staff will be located at the north… [ Keep reading ]