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SDOT Completes Two More Neighborhood Pedestrian Improvements

  SDOT has just completed two more pedestrian improvements in the public right-of-way that were funded through the Neighborhood Projects Fund (NPF), a city-administered program that works with communities to prioritize and build neighborhood projects.  Both projects developed out of neighborhood requests. At Ravenna Avenue NE and Lake City Way… [ Keep reading ]

Facelift for Historic McGraw Square

SDOT recently broke ground on a new transit mall and pedestrian plaza adjacent to McGraw Square at the terminus of the South Lake Union Streetcar. The project will add more trees and a green rain garden to drain plaza storm water runoff. It also includes energy efficient (LED) colored light… [ Keep reading ]

Celebrate Art on Aurora

A new mural at 10217 Aurora Avenue N has come to life on the side of North Park Grocery. Community members and businesses along with the city and state envision Aurora as a street full of thriving businesses and shoppers – one with a vibrant, safe business center that attracts… [ Keep reading ]

Reduced Staffing at SDOT on Furlough Days

To address the economic downturn, city employees will be taking unpaid furlough days to help with the city’s budget.  The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will participate by splitting the furloughing of its staff between two days in each furlough period. Please expect to see reduced staffing at SDOT on… [ Keep reading ]

Half A Bridge…

…with the other half coming right on schedule (you didn’t think we’d just leave it this way, did you?).  I’m referring to the 15th Avenue Bridge in Maple Leaf and we are now over the hump – past the 50% complete mark – headed toward a spring completion. Enjoy these recent pictures as… [ Keep reading ]

SR520 transit options increase 20%

Need a reason to think of trying transit across SR 520? We’ve got a few: This week new bus service will provide better connections between the communities on both sides of the lake.  The number of bus trips across 520 will increase by 20%…giving you more frequent options!  In addition,… [ Keep reading ]

Mini Grants to Encourage Kids to Walk or Bike to School

Walking is the most affordable and environmentally-friendly form of transportation, and is also great exercise and an easy way to improve mental and physical health. Unfortunately, many children ride to school in a car, missing out on the benefits of walking. During October, International Walk to School month, SDOT is… [ Keep reading ]

A forest is coming to South Columbian Way

This Sunday, volunteers will plant up to 100 trees on South Columbian Way in an event sponsored by SDOT’s Urban Forestry section and the city of Seattle. The event will be a part of the international A Global Way of Doing 10/10/10 campaign (October 10, 2010), as well as the… [ Keep reading ]

New Green Bike Lane on Eastlake

SDOT recently completed the installation of a new green bike lane on northbound Eastlake Avenue at Furhman Avenue East approaching the University Bridge.  Bicyclist volumes are quite high in this location with people biking from Capitol Hill, Lake Union, and Downtown Seattle toward the University of Washington.  Over the years this location has been the site of… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Installs City’s First Bike Box

SDOT just installed the city’s first bike box at E Pine Street eastbound at 12th Avenue.  As part of the Bicycle Master Plan, SDOT will add more boxes this year at E Madison Street eastbound and westbound at 12th Avenue, and Seventh Avenue S northbound at S Dearborn Street.