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March 23-24: Get ready for round two of closures at S Massachusetts St & 23rd Ave S.

This weekend, March 23-24, our work continues from last weekend at the 23rd Ave S and S Massachusetts St intersection to replace the existing concrete panels on S Massachusetts St as part of the larger 23rd Ave Corridor Improvements project. This weekend we’re completing the second half of the project and replacing the concrete… [ Keep reading ]

The Levy to Move Seattle programs & projects for 2019.

The $930 million voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle provides funding for projects that improve safety for all travelers, maintains our streets and bridges, and invests in reliable, affordable travel options for Seattle.  Back in April of 2018, we developed the Updated Workplan Report following a comprehensive assessment of the Levy… [ Keep reading ]

Join the Move Seattle Levy Oversight Committee! Apply by March 1.

Are you a Seattle resident passionate about transportation? Do you have a background in management, public policy, advocacy, finance, or business? Are you passionate about the work we’re doing to care for roads, bridges, and sidewalks; build the bike network and safe streets, and keep people and goods moving throughout… [ Keep reading ]

Monday, Feb 4: We’re closing the west side of the 23rd Ave S & S Judkins St intersection.

We’re placing conduit. Here’s what you can expect. As the initial closure of the east side of the intersection wraps up, we’ll be moving to the west side of the 23rd Ave S and S Judkins St intersection on Monday, February 4. We will be digging a trenching across the… [ Keep reading ]

The east side of the 23rd Ave S and S Judkins St intersection will be closed for the next week.

On January 29, we closed the east side of the 23rd Ave S and S Judkins St intersection and expect this initial closure to last about a week. We’re digging a trench across S Judkins St so to place conduit. Once we’re done trenching, we will temporarily patch the hole… [ Keep reading ]

The view from above #Realign99.

Aerial images captured by one of our own. This picture of the fading sunlight over Seattle’s cityscape seems appropriate for us as we sunset a part of Seattle’s history (#GoodbyeViaduct, we will miss you) and prepare for the present/future (hello, #99Tunnel) in the coming days. This is truly a new… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Department of Transportation releases new workplan for delivering on the Levy to Move Seattle

From levy assessment to new levy action plan; SDOT provides more detail and transparency in project delivery. Hey there Seattle! As we work to deliver safer streets, better roads, and more reliable transit options, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is updating residents and taxpayers on the improvements we’ve made in… [ Keep reading ]

We’re celebrating the completion of the University/Cowen Paving Project!

To maintain their usability, every year we pave arterial streets prioritizing them by pavement condition; traffic volume; geographic equity; and opportunities for grants or coordination with nearby projects, to support costs. Our hardworking maintenance and paving team tackled multiple projects this construction season, celebrating the completion of the University/Cowen Paving Project… [ Keep reading ]

Crunching the numbers for Move Seattle Levy

Move Seattle was passed by residents envisioning a better transportation future. Safe | Affordable | Vibrant | Innovative | Interconnected remain our five core values, and Mayor Durkan is committed to ensuring that Move Seattle is fully accountable and transparent while delivering efficiently, and effectively your priorities for safety improvements, street… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle’s transportation new normal is just around the corner.

We’re getting ready for the Maximum Constraint. Starting January 11, 2019, As early as this fall the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will move forward with the permanent closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. This construction project is one of countless private and public construction projects taking place in the… [ Keep reading ]