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Get Ready! 11 More Miles of Stay Healthy Streets Coming Your Way

We’reopening11more miles ofStay Healthy Streetsto allow for safe social distancingwhile walking, rolling,running, skating,and biking! Lake City, Aurora Licton Springs, Ballard, and Delridge/Highland Parkcommunities will be able to access essential services, recreate, and walk their dogs near their homes while protecting the neighbors by keeping 6 feet apart. Stay Healthy Streets… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Selects West Seattle High-Rise Bridge stabilization contractor to carry out key repairs

We’re moving forward with West Seattle High-Rise Bridgestabilization.The Cityused emergency contracting authority tomove with urgency in selectingaconstruction contractorto carry outPhase 1stabilizationwork. We’re happy to announce that KraemerNorth Americahas been selected forPhase 1 construction and work is already underway. There are three phases of repair for the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge:… [ Keep reading ]

West Seattle Bridge: An update on Pier 18

Tostabilize the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge andpotentially helpprevent further cracking,we needtoreplace thelateral bearings onPier 18. Last week weshared the newsthattraffic won’t be returning to the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge in 2020 or 2021and that we don’t yet know if repairing the bridge is feasible. We knowthe bridge closurehas profound implications… [ Keep reading ]

Safety First – A Shared West Seattle Bridge Safety Management Plan

Just like when a winter storm approaches, we’re implementing a safety checklist to make sure that we’re prepared for the most challenging scenarios a deteriorating West Seattle Bridge could present. Earlier this week, we shared the news that traffic likely won’t return to the West Seattle Bridge in 2020… [ Keep reading ]

An Update on Efforts to Stabilize and Shore the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge, While more Information is Needed to Determine Long-term Future

Since we closed the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge on March 23, we’ve been working tirelessly to determine next steps and share that information with everyone who uses and depends on the bridge. Today we want to share what we know as of now and our plans moving forward as part… [ Keep reading ]

Expect to see School Zone flashing lights in the middle of the day

Seattle classrooms have gone virtual, but students are still going to schools to pick up meals. To help keep our students and their families safe, 20MPH school zone speed limits will be in effect during the hours that schools are open to students picking up meals. “School lunches are a… [ Keep reading ]

Hey West Seattle residents, Thank you!

It’s beenovertwo weeks since we closed West Seattle High-Rise Bridge, and we’re incredibly gratefulforhow you’ve patiently navigated the closure and begun to adjust to thisongoing challenge. We know that the bridge closure isaninconvenience, especially for thosedrivingwho nowmusttravelmiles out of your way to get to essential jobs.We understand that theunexpectedclosurewas frustrating,… [ Keep reading ]

Doing our part to support a healthy Seattle

We’re committed to delivering a transportation system that keeps our city thriving and supports healthy living. The health of people living in Seattle and beyond is of utmost importance to us. At the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), we focus on providing healthy options for travel and building infrastructure to… [ Keep reading ]

West Seattle High-Rise Bridge inspection reports

The Seattle Department of Transportation is committed to transparency and keeping the public informed. The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge inspection reports from 2013 through 2020 areposted on our website.We share these important reports to give you access to the documents that informedour decisions over the years. What we believe the… [ Keep reading ]

Temporary Parking Changes: Free street parking & lifting time limit restrictions

የሲያትል ፓርኪንግ ማሻሻያዎች西雅圖市停車規定更新시애틀 주차 최신 소식Cubsoonaysiinta Baarkinka SeattleThông Tin Cập Nhật về Đậu Xe tại SeattleActualizaciones del estacionamiento en Seattle Today Mayor Durkan announced we will temporarily eliminate paid and time-limited street parking rules to support residents staying healthy at home and essential workers. “To improve access to parking for… [ Keep reading ]