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Women of SDOT: Meet Patricia Westsik

For Women’s History Month we’re highlighting a few of the many women of SDOT who inspire us. Patricia Westsik is the only woman on ourSDOT Response Team & is one of the few women with her career story in the country. Patricia came to Seattle two and a half years… [ Keep reading ]

Rainier Traffic Safety Campaign

In December 2019, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced 4 steps to making our streets even safer and to achieve Seattle’s Vision Zero goal of ending traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. At that time, we launched the effort by reducing speeds to 25 MPH along Rainier Ave S., which now has a consistent speed… [ Keep reading ]

Happy Anniversary, Sam!

We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary with SDOT Director, Sam Zimbabwe. What a year! Sam joined us just two weeks after the Alaskan Way Viaduct closed and then was greeted with a record breaking month of snow. From the get-go he showed his calm, competent, and steady leadership. One thing… [ Keep reading ]

Following major Vision Zero Safety changes, new Bike & Pedestrian Safety Analysis to help inform Seattle’s approach to eliminating traffic deaths

In December 2019, Mayor Durkan announced a series of steps that the city is taking to make our streets safer and achieve our Vision Zero goal of ending traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030. These steps include reducing speed limits to 25 mph across the city,… [ Keep reading ]

A little snow didn’t stop some of Seattle’s bikers from getting around.

While bicycle traffic goes down when it snows, there were still many riders who got around on their two wheels this week. The Fremont Bridge Counter recorded a total of 1,167 bicycles on Monday, January 13th! That’s down 59% from the Monday prior with 2,845 bicycles over the bridge, but that’s… [ Keep reading ]

More snow and wind in the forecast for tonight!

The National Weather Center is calling for up to 3 inches of new snowfall & wind up to 26 mph on Tuesday night. Does anyone else love the look of snow delicately collecting on tree branches? It’s peaceful and magical – until the winds pick up. The heavy snow… [ Keep reading ]

Snow starts off charming, but when it turns to ice it gets truly alarming.

This morning Seattle woke up to a blanket of snow clinging to trees and rooftops. Our crews hit the roads at noon Sunday to pre-treat the roads before the snow started accumulating. They worked throughout the night to clear roads of snow and ice. We’re happy to report that all… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle traffic report gives an in-depth look at 2018 travel trends

Every year, we release core data sets including traffic volumes, speeds, and collisions. Data drives our plans, policies, and decisions on everything from safety to paving. It also plays an important role in evaluating project performance and identifying trends. Read the full Traffic Report to see 2018 transportation… [ Keep reading ]

Pedestrian Master Plan Implementation: Improving Walkability One Step at a Time

This week, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced four steps to make our streets safer and achieve our Vision Zero goal of ending traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030. We’re stepping up our efforts to make street crossing safer. We also launched the effort to reduce… [ Keep reading ]

We’re stepping up our efforts to make crossing the street safer.

Of all the things we do to keep Seattle moving, public safety is by far ourabsolutehighest priority. Mayor Jenny Durkan has announced four stepson December 10 tomake our streets even safer andachieveourVision Zerogoalofendingtraffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030. Along with lowering speed limits, one critical… [ Keep reading ]