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West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force held inaugural meeting this week

The West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force met for the first time this week on Wednesday, June 10. The Community Task Force has representatives from all over West Seattle and the Duwamish Valley, including neighborhood groups from the Junction to Georgetown to South Park to Highland Park to SODO.  The… [ Keep reading ]

An update on options to reopen the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge as essential stabilization and data collection work continues

It is a big week for the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge and surrounding communities impacted by its closure. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, our recently-announced Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force held/will hold their first official meetings, respectively. Those conversations will kick off a rapid series of intensive briefings and meetings for the TAP and Task Force. To ensure that… [ Keep reading ]

Apply for a Safe Routes to Schools Mini Grant!

Application for Safe Routes to School Mini Grants are now open! Apply for up to $1,000 to fund projects that educate students about walking and biking to school. Public and private schools, parent-teacher associations, and other non-profit organizations are welcome to apply. Safe Routes to School is a national movement to make it… [ Keep reading ]

Bike season is here!

Yes, a lot of people bike year-round in Seattle, but for those of us who don’t regularly brave the rain on bike, May often marks the beginning of bike season. May is historically #BikeMonth. In light the COVID-19 pandemic, bike month in Seattle looks a little different this year. Some bike month… [ Keep reading ]

West Seattle High-Rise Bridge engineers prepare for everything by considering worst-case scenarios

Since the emergency closure of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge on March 23, 2020, we have made clear through action and deed that public safety, consistent communication, and transparency are foundational to our teams and partners. We are working with great urgency to chart the path forward for the high bridge. Today, we are sharing a Conceptual Modes of Failure Memo prepared by our structural engineering consultant, WSP, which uses careful analysis and modeling to… [ Keep reading ]

The Cowen Park Bridge seismic retrofits are complete!

We recently completed seismic retrofit construction on Cowen Park Bridge. Infrastructure maintenance is critical for a healthy, vibrant, and connected city. Earthquakes could have a significant detrimental effect on Seattle’s infrastructure. That’s why in 2016 the City of Seattle established a bridge seismic retrofit program and selected 16 bridges for seismic retrofits, all funded and made possible… [ Keep reading ]

New intelligent monitoring system on West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

The new intelligent monitoring system installation is nearly complete on the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge and will be fully operational mid-May. We recently shared our emergency response plan that we developed with an inter-agency task force. Seeing an emergency evacuation Fall Zone can be a little frightening, and we want to assure you that there are no current indications that we’ll… [ Keep reading ]

2020 bike investments to accelerate, including 20 miles of Stay Healthy Streets to become permanent in Seattle

Mayor Durkan and SDOT are making at least 20 miles of the Stay Healthy Streets pilot permanent, and moving forward with a bold vision of enhanced bike infrastructure. Mayor Jenny Durkan announced today that Seattle will make at least 20 miles of Stay Healthy Streets permanent. She also directed SDOT to expand the program to include routes in more neighborhoods and accelerate the installation of new bike facilities such as Neighborhood… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle takes new steps to fine-tune traffic signals for people walking and rolling during COVID-19 health crisis

The COVID-19 health crisis has made us all rethink business as usual. Across the city, creative people have been working together to plan and execute immediate changes to help people and businesses in our city during this unprecedented time. One way that we are adapting to the city’s changing needs has been to adjust nearly 800 traffic signals throughout Seattle to reduce the time people need to wait to cross… [ Keep reading ]

Get Ready! 11 More Miles of Stay Healthy Streets Coming Your Way

We’re opening 11 more miles of Stay Healthy Streets to allow for safe social distancing while walking, rolling, running, skating, and biking! Lake City, Aurora Licton Springs, Ballard, and Delridge/Highland Park communities will be able to access essential services, recreate, and walk their dogs near their homes while protecting the neighbors by keeping 6 feet apart. Stay Healthy Streets… [ Keep reading ]