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Wrapping up the final phase of the 35th Ave NE project

We’re wrapping up the final phase of the 35thAve NE project, and it will be completed as soon as Monday April 27. Most of the work was completed in 2019, but there are a few remaining items to complete the project in its entirety. In this final phase we’re installing… [ Keep reading ]

An SDOT message for Earth Day

Our Director, Sam Zimbabwe, shares a message for Earth Day. As Sam says in the video, fightingtheclimatecrisisby lowering our city’s carbon emissions isessential to all of us at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). In Seattle,transportationis thelargestcontributor togreenhouse gases. “Ifour currentglobal pandemichas taught me anything, it’s that we can work… [ Keep reading ]

Announcing Stay Healthy Streets

Walk, roll, and bike locally while keeping six feet apart Like the rest of the world, here in Seattle we’re rethinking how we live and move around our city during the COVID 19 crisis. Today Mayor Durkan announced new guidelines to allow continued use of parks, farmers markets, and neighborhood… [ Keep reading ]


西雅圖交通部正在將餐廳附近的街邊停車位改為臨時的三分鐘乘客上落食物區,方便於外賣司機和顧客停車領取外賣也同時鼓勵保持社交距離防範措施。 English-version of this blog here. 這些新的臨時乘客上落食物區將以乘客上落食物區標誌作標記,並在臨時架子和柱子上標有特殊標識。 大多數乘客上落食物區長約 40 英尺,並可容大約兩輛車每次停留三分鐘。 我們將繼續安裝這些標誌。 如果您是餐廳老闆並想要在餐廳附近設立乘客上落食物區,請致電 (206) 684-ROAD 或寄送電郵至。 聯絡我們時,請向我們提供貴公司的地址和聯絡方式。 然後我們將盡快確認附近是否有合適的空間來新增設臨時乘客上落取餐區。

Drive Safely – Our Healthcare Professionals are Busy Enough

Cities across the continent – from Toronto to New York City – are noticing an increase in driving speeds during this pandemic. This is due, in part, to the fact that cars tend to slow down other cars. Without traffic, those still on the road are more likely to speed…. [ Keep reading ]

Street Vending During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

At lunchtime, on any given weekday, about 80 different food trucks and carts that have our vending permits offer a variety of options for lunch ranging from wood fire pizzas, to traditional Indian fare, to gluten free bowls and everything in between. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit Seattle. During a… [ Keep reading ]

Women of SDOT – Meet Margo Dawes

March is Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating some of the many women at SDOT who inspire us. Read aboutAngee,Lorelei, andAnnya. Margo Dawes is the Data and Equity Strategic Adviser on our New Mobility team. What does that mean? It means Margo uses data to improve programs and continues to… [ Keep reading ]

Women of SDOT: Meet Lorelei Williams

March is Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating some of the many women at SDOT who inspire us. Read about Angee, Patricia, and Annya. Lorelei Williams is the Deputy Director for Capital Project Delivery. Six of our eight executive team members are women! They each head a key branch of… [ Keep reading ]

Tomorrow is LEAP Day!

We’re always looking for more time, and tomorrow we get it – Leap Day! A whole extra day of the year! (If only that meant we got two Saturdays this weekend…) Leap Day is brought to you by Julius Caesar. Back in 45 BCE, he was first to declare an… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month Celebrates Dr. Maya Angelou

We celebrate and honor the legacy ofDr. Maya Angelou as part of our four-partseriesfor Black History Month. You’re probably wondering how Angelou relates to transit, which is sort of the focus of our series. And ok – yes, we did just want to find a way to write about her… [ Keep reading ]