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SDOT Women Paving the Way | Meet Jess Kim

During Women’s History Month in March, we’re sharing stories of SDOT’s talented, brave, strong, and determined employees who are making our city safer, opening paths for others, and fighting for a more equitable city. As we round out Women’s History Month, we again acknowledge that our communal understanding of gender… [ Keep reading ]

Throughout 2020, crews delivered on Levy commitments – and the results of their hard work can be seen citywide.

Summary Thank you, Seattle voters. You have entrusted us to honor our Levy commitments and despite the challenges 2020 brought, we are proud of our crews who continued to meet the moment and deliver Levy-funded projects. Read more in our Levy to Move Seattle 2020 Annual Report. Together, we’ve met or… [ Keep reading ]

FOLIAGE WEEK | Yes, we’re still celebrating the first full week of spring! Today, learn about the work of our Urban Forestry Irrigation Team.

Foliage Week continues! To celebrate the start of Spring, we’re highlighting the work of our Urban Forestry team – along with our partners at the Office of Sustainability and the Environment and Seattle Public Utilities – who work together to maintain our city’s trees and green spaces. Today, we are shining a spotlight… [ Keep reading ]

Travel Advisory | Thanks to your Levy dollars at work, we’re preparing to pave on N 80th St from Aurora Ave N to I-5, starting today!

Summary We’re over halfway done with our Green Lake and Wallingford Paving & Multi-Modal Improvements project, which is funded in part by your tax dollars through the Levy to Move Seattle! Now, we’re starting our work to pave portions of N 80th St and E Green Lake Way N. You can… [ Keep reading ]

One year in: A look back at the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

At 7 PM on the night of Monday, March 23, 2020, a few final cars passed over the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge. The decision to close the high bridge due to accelerated concrete cracking was necessary for public safety, but at the same time brought immediate challenges to communities in West Seattle and the Duwamish Valley. For many people and businesses, the bridge is more than a piece of infrastructure. It functions… [ Keep reading ]

FOLIAGE WEEK | Meet Shane Dewald

Foliage week continues! In celebration of the first week of Spring, we’ve dubbed this week Foliage Week and we’re highlighting the work of our Urban Forestry team. It’s also Women’s History Month and we’re in the middle of our SDOT Women Paving (and Planting!) the Way blog series that shares stories of some of our talented, brave, strong, and determined employees who are making our city… [ Keep reading ]

Travel Advisory | I-5 Express Lane closure this weekend as final set of Northgate Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge spans arrive

The I-5 Express Lanes will be closed all weekend to facilitate this delivery and construction across I-5. The express lanes will be closed at 11:00 pm on Friday, March 26 and will remain closed all day Saturday and Sunday. They will reopen Monday, March 29, at the usual time. By fall 2021, you will… [ Keep reading ]

Learn about our proposed spend plan for the new $20 vehicle license fee funding.

The plan prioritizes safety, equity, & maintaining the strength of Seattle’s assets, thanks to the input of stakeholders across the community. This blog was updated on April 1, 2021, when the proposed spend plan was submitted to City Council. The revised text is noted in red below, and aims to be clearer and consistent with what… [ Keep reading ]

FOLIAGE WEEK | Spring has sprung! Over the weekend, we planted about 40 new trees in South Park.

Summary Trees make our city healthier, safer, and more pleasant. SDOT’s Tree and Landscaping Program works to maintain, protect, and expand Seattle’s urban landscape. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in Seattle are more likely to experience environmental inequities and injustices. Communities in the Duwamish Valley have historically experienced… [ Keep reading ]

We’re seeking federal funding sources to support rapid repair of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

We are focused squarely on completing necessary repairs to reopen the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge to the public as quickly as possible, while keeping public safety as our top priority. To support this effort, we are working to secure all necessary funding for the upcoming high bridge rehabilitation project – including federal, state and local funding… [ Keep reading ]