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Cost-benefit analysis will inform City’s decision to repair or replace the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

Theinitial structural analysis of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge is complete,andour engineers,bridgeconsultants, and theTechnical Advisory Panel(TAP)are all in agreement thatrepairingthe High-Rise Bridgeisstillpossible. Now we must decide whether the repair or a replacement option is the best path to restoring travel across the Duwamish. Just last week, the TAP released an… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Durkan declares the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge a City emergency at a critical juncture, opening the possibility of state and federal assistance and new ability to expedite contracts and services.

Understanding state and federal investments will be an essential resource, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan signed a proclamation of civil emergency regarding the closure of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge and follow-on impacts, and signed an additional emergency order requesting state and federal assistance.   The emergency proclamation signed by Mayor Durkan today… [ Keep reading ]

Learn about 15th Ave NE Paving Project at a virtual drop-in session on July 29!

With investment from the Levy to Move Seattle, 15th Ave NE is getting safety & paving upgrades! Starting this summer, we’ll pave approximately 1.3 miles of 15th Ave NE to make the road safer and more comfortable to travel on, and to extend the useful life of the pavement. This… [ Keep reading ]

Our Precautionary Plan to Repair and Preserve the West Seattle Low Bridge to Ensure it Continues to Play Essential Role

While we have written a lot about the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge which is undergoing stabilization measures as we continue to analyze repair or replacement options, we have also been continuing to focus on creating a precautionary plan to repair and preserve the West Seattle Low Bridge, also known as… [ Keep reading ]

Together, let’s #ReconnectWestSeattle!

The unexpected closure of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge dramatically impacted West Seattle and the nearby Duwamish Valley communities. Today we are launching Reconnect West Seattle and your voice is needed before July 31 deadline.   We have a vision to restore travel across the Duwamish to similar levels seen before the West Seattle… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT is looking into every possible option to pay for repairing or replacing the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

We are continuing to pursue all options to reopen the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge as quickly as possible. Last week, our construction crews began work on the initial bridge stabilization which is a necessary first step toward either repairing or replacing the bridge. Meanwhile, we are still working to better understand whether repairing the… [ Keep reading ]

Weeks of hard work and planning coming to life: stabilization work on the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge starts this week!

You may have already seen crews staging equipment near the High-Rise Bridge last week – including bringing in a Hydra-Lift Under-Bridge Inspection Platform, pictured above. Stabilizing the High-Rise Bridge is a necessary next step toward either repairing the bridge or preparing it for demolition and replacementof some kind. Though our recent analysis indicates that repairing the West… [ Keep reading ]

The West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force unanimously supports SDOT’s recommendation to expand Low Bridge access to all vehicles at night

At the West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force meeting yesterday, members agreed with our recommendations that we should immediately expand access to the West Seattle Low Bridge, also known as the Spokane Street Bridge, to all vehicles at night between 9 PM and 5 AM, 7 days a week, as… [ Keep reading ]

Analysis sheds new light on possibility of West Seattle Bridge repairs.

Analysissheds new light onpossibility ofWest Seattle High-Rise Bridgerepairs. We continuetoassesshowmuch repairs would cost, howlongthey wouldtake,andwhetherthey wouldlast longenoughto bea worthwhile investment. New analysis indicates thatrepairing the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge may be possible, but we still do not knowhow longany repairs would last or whether useful repairsallowing us to reopen the… [ Keep reading ]

West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force discuss traffic mitigation in and around West Seattle

TheWest Seattle BridgeCommunityTask Forceheld theirsecondmeeting today, focusing on one of the most critical issues they will be tackling – traffic mitigationin and around West Seattle. We are beyond grateful to have this dedicated group of community representativesthoughtfullyengage, ask questions, and provideessentialfeedback as wework to reconnect West Seattle. Consistent with our… [ Keep reading ]