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NEW Speed Limit Map

Know thy limit. We get a pretty steady stream of phone calls and emails from people asking, “hey, what’s the speed limit on my street?” Totally legit question. Good news! We have a new speed limit map – you can zoom in, click on any street, and get an answer on the… [ Keep reading ]

What’s moving Seattle | Weekender + Mobility Tip!

Summer’s in the Air! This week marks the halfway point of Summer 2k18 (how did that happen so quickly!) and there’re events happening left and right, from block parties to parades and art fairs, oh my! So many ways to be outside! Scan this list below so you can plan… [ Keep reading ]

What’s Coming Down the Pike for Transportation Equity?

Did you know that we have a Transportation Equity Program? In 2017, we created the Transportation Equity Program to prioritize affordable transportation options and address transportation inequities in our city. Transportation is currently the second highest household cost after housing and Seattle continues to grow at a rapid pace. We… [ Keep reading ]

We got your goats…

…and they’re working for you! The goats are back and they’re a crowd fav! They’re real animals when it comes to chomping and moving overgrowth and they love it. We’ve hired the herd, as represented by their herder, largely because most of them cannot sign contracts. Doh. Pre-goat conditions…. [ Keep reading ]

So, what’s next for bike share in Seattle? 

Over the last year, we’ve been piloting a free-floating bike share program that gives people another option for getting around Seattle. Our goal with the pilot was to equitably increase city-wide mobility by permitting companies to operate in the city to test feasibility and ridership interest – at no cost… [ Keep reading ]

What’s Moving Seattle | Weekender

This weekend in Seattle. Here’s what’s new or changed since our Monday This Week post.   Reminder to I-5 Zen. FRI 7.13 → MON 7.16 | The next big #ReviveI5 (NB I-5) closure runs from tomorrow at 8 PM through Monday at 5 AM–it’s a good time for a zen mindset. All… [ Keep reading ]

Convention Place Station bus stops relocate July 21!

As of July 21, Convention Place Station bus stops relocate to 9th Ave, between Olive Way and Pine St (see green circles on map below), making way for continued Washington State Convention Center expansion. The 7 impacted bus routes serving the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel are: Metro routes 41, 74, 101, 102, 150, 255  Sound… [ Keep reading ]

Smart Cities | The Art of Seizing Good Ideas

These days, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a city’s innovation program or office. Seattle alone has at least four. But how are these cities and agencies framing their work? And do these programs actually result in “innovative” outcomes? This year, we set out to find the nation’s leaders… [ Keep reading ]

What’s Moving Seattle | Weekender

‘What’s Moving’ is a 2-parter! Our What’s Moving Seattle traffic/events advisory blog has moved to Mondays….but wait, there’s more: part 2 on Thursdays. What?!?  On Thursdays, On the Move will have this update to what we knew Monday, plus new stuff we didn’t know we didn’t know, but now we do! Who knew?!? No… [ Keep reading ]

The good guys: Concrete Evidence.

Boots on the ground. Recently, we told you about our steel-toed warriors, the hard-working Maintenance Operations concrete crew. Granted, the story had no cliffhangers…like Stallone in the ’93 action thriller heist… …but the story does have a surprise ending! These guys love the feeling of leaving things better than they found them; essentially,… [ Keep reading ]