The fastest path: Building on months of stabilization work, major repairs slated for West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

Mayor Durkan chooses repair over replacement, pushing for bridge reopening in 2022 The Decision Today, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced that she has instructed the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to restore travel across the Duwamish by repairing the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge. SDOT has nearly completed Phase I of… [ Keep reading ]

Scooter Share Update: All three operators have now launched! Please keep the rules of the road in mind when riding.

Summary LINK, Wheels, and Lime havereceived their permitsand have launched operations in Seattle! We want the scooter share program to be successful, and to do that weneed everyone to follow the rules of the roadandpark your scooters correctly.Bikes and scooters blocking sidewalks can cause significant accessibility issues. We’realso increasingeducation and… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor hosts West Seattle Bridge Town Hall to listen & respond to community feedback ahead of repair-or-replace decision

You can watch a full recording of the event on SDOT’s YouTube channel . A full summary of the Town Hall can be found here. This week’s Community Task Force Meeting will take place on Thursday, November 19, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Mayor Durkan will join the meeting to provide an update and answer any questions. Watch… [ Keep reading ]

Roadside Chat with Matthew Howard on Race and Mobility | Part 2 of 3

Matthew Howard isaPh.D.candidatein EnglishattheUniversity ofWashington(UW) Seattle. Among other topics, hestudies how historical events shapetheAfrican American identity and experiences,inboth literature andlife.HestartedatSDOTonApril 1, 2020and isworkingwiththeStreet UseCommunicationsteam. We sat down with Matthew,whoshared with us howhe hopeshis work on transportation and more broadly,onissues ofmobility, willempowerBlack peopleandprovide deeper insightforhowrace and mobilityaffect social change. This Roadside… [ Keep reading ]

FREE temporary Food and Curbside Priority Pick-Up Zones are one way we’re being nimble and resourceful to support small businesses during the pandemic.

On Sunday,GovernorInsleeannouncedstatewide restrictionsto slowrecent surge inCOVID-19,includingthe closure of indoor dining serviceand reduction ofin-storeretailoccupancy from 30% to 25%. These measures are necessary to keep our community healthy and safe, and we’re working together tosupportbusinesses, restaurants,and communities affected.FreetemporaryFoodandCurbside Priority Pick-Up Zonesare one way we are being nimble and resourcefulduring thepandemic. Read ourfirst… [ Keep reading ]

Please slow down to 30 MPH on West Marginal Way; SPD will be increasing enforcement to keep people safe.

Summary We’ve completed two key projects along West Marginal Way SW as part of our larger plan to Reconnect West Seattle. On top of that, we’ve decreased the speed limit from 40 MPH to 30 MPH. As we continue to do our part, we’re asking you to do yours: please… [ Keep reading ]

Weekly Update: West Seattle Bridge

Every Monday, we’re posting a blog to keep you informed about our progress to stabilize the bridge, our efforts to address traffic and mobility, and other items related to the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure. In this week’s update: West Seattle High-Rise Bridge Stabilization Update Recent Paving Work on 16th… [ Keep reading ]

What’s Moving in Your Neighborhood!

UPDATED NOVEMBER 13, 2020 As needed, we’ll update this post on Fridays with construction impacts you can expect in your neighborhood as we continue our work on important projects throughout the city. Please keep in mind that, as with most construction, expected effects may include: Temporary driveway impacts, noise and… [ Keep reading ]

World Day of Remembrance is a time to remember those lost and reinforce our commitment to safety and health for all.

This Sunday, November 15,marks theWorld Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, an annual memoriamadopted by the United Nations. According to the United Nations, this day is an importantreminder for all communitiesacross the worldof the obligation and duty we haveat all levels of life and governanceto reducefatalities on roads.While much… [ Keep reading ]

Celebrating Veterans Day at SDOT

Thank you veterans! Today – November 11 – is Veterans Day. While our office may be closed today, our gratitude to our brave armed forces veterans extends throughout the year.  To help educate the public, and ourselves, about this important holiday we dug into the history of the day, spoke with an SDOT employee who served in… [ Keep reading ]