Curbside pick-up zones coming to Seattle retail shops!

To support access to the Seattle businesses opening up for curbside delivery, we are rolling out new curbside priority pick-up zones. The State of Washington’s phased approach to re-opening now allows retail stores to re-open for curbside pick-up. To support these businesses, we are installing temporary 15-minute loading zones to… [ Keep reading ]

The Cowen Park Bridge seismic retrofits are complete!

We recently completed seismic retrofit construction on Cowen Park Bridge. Infrastructure maintenance is critical for a healthy, vibrant, and connected city.Earthquakes could have a significant detrimental effect on Seattle’s infrastructure. That’s why in 2016 the City of Seattle established a bridge seismic retrofit program and selected 16 bridges for seismic retrofits, all funded and made possible… [ Keep reading ]

New intelligent monitoring system on West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

The new intelligent monitoringsysteminstallationisnearly completeonthe West Seattle High-Rise Bridge and will be fully operational mid-May. We recently shared ouremergency response planthat we developed with an inter-agency task force. Seeing an emergency evacuationFall Zonecan be a little frightening,and we want to assure you that there are no current indications that we’ll… [ Keep reading ]

Roadside chat with Dongho Chang, City Traffic Engineer

3 min read (and it’s worth it). You may know him fromTwitter (with an impressive 8,000 followers). Dongho Chang is Seattle’s Traffic Engineer, so he knows a thing or two about the work we do here at the City. I sat down with him atMonorail Espresso to talk about his… [ Keep reading ]

Travel Alert: Two-way traffic restored on NW 54th St and NW Locks Pl in Ballard

On Saturday, May 9, NW 54th St & NW Locks Pl will be restored to two-way traffic! As part of the Ballard Multimodal Corridor project, work along NW Market St and NW 54th St is underway to improve sidewalks, signals and crossings, pave roadways, and complete transit improvements. To allow… [ Keep reading ]

2020 bike investments to accelerate, including 20 miles of Stay Healthy Streets to become permanent in Seattle

Mayor Durkan and SDOT are makingat least20 miles ofthe StayHealthy Streets pilot permanent, andmoving forward witha bold vision of enhanced bike infrastructure. Mayor Jenny Durkan announcedtodaythat Seattlewill makeat least20 miles of Stay Healthy Streets permanent. She also directed SDOT toexpand the program to include routesinmoreneighborhoodsand acceleratetheinstallation ofnewbike facilitiessuch as Neighborhood… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle takes new steps to fine-tune traffic signals for people walking and rolling during COVID-19 health crisis

The COVID-19 health crisis has made usallrethink business as usual. Across thecity, creativepeoplehave been working together to plan and execute immediate changesto help people and businesses in our cityduring this unprecedented time.One way that weareadaptingtothe city’schanging needs has been toadjustnearly 800traffic signalsthroughout Seattle toreducethetime people need to wait to cross… [ Keep reading ]

የሲያትል ፓርኪንግ ማሻሻያዎች

English-version of this blog here. SDOT ጊዜያዊ የመኪና ማቆሚያ ለውጦችን አስታውቋል፡፡ በክፍያ መኪና ማቆሚያ ጎዳናዎች ላይ ክፍያ አይጠየቅም የተከለከሉ ማቆሚያዎች (RPZs)ውስጥ ካልሆነ በስተቀር የሰዓት የጊዜ ገደቦች ተፈጻሚ አይሆኑም በ RPZs ውስጥ የጊዜ ገደቦች መተግበር ይቀጥላሉ ስለዚህ በእነዚህ ሰፈሮች ውስጥ የሚኖሩ ሰዎች አሁንም ማቆሚያ ሊያገኙ ይችላሉ፡፡ ያለፍቃድ በ RPZ ውስጥ ካቆሙ… [ Keep reading ]


English-version of this blog here. 西雅圖交通運輸局 (SDOT) 已宣佈有關臨時停車規定的變更資訊。 停在有收費街道停車格無需付費。 除非在限制停車區 (RPZs) 內,否則將不強制實行時間限制; 限制停車區的時間限制將繼續執行 所以居住在該等社區的人仍然可以找到停車位。 如果您在無許可證的情況下將車停在限制停車區,您需要遵循該等發佈的時間限制。 裝載區(包括新的食物領取區)最長達 30 分鐘的時間限制將繼續執行。 所有禁止停車的標誌(包括指定時間內禁止停車的標誌)仍將繼續執行。 專用區域將繼續保持有效,包括為醫院和公共服務部工作人員設置的新區域, 以及現有區域,例如貨運、餐車和專用巴士的區域。

시애틀 주차 최신 소식

English-version of this blog here. 시애틀 교통국(Seattle Department of Transportation, SDOT)은 임시 주차 변경을 발표했습니다. 도로의 유료주차구역 주차 시 요금을 지불하지 않아도 됩니다. 주차 제한 구역(Restricted Parking Zones, RPZ) 내 주차를 제외하고 시간당 주차 제한이 시행되지 않습니다. RPZ 내 시간 제한은 계속 시행됩니다. 이는 이 지역 거주민들의 주차 공간 확보를… [ Keep reading ]